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Video games are cool.


There was a time we ruled the land, in some cities, we were banned. When we were strong, we took your steel. You played with us that was the deal!

One by one we would stand, for days & days with stick in hand. We'd beg & steal to play the games. The best would get to leave their names.

The champions were praised like gods! They killed the screens against the odds! They never missed, their skills attuned rewards were paid, the wenches swooned.

Then the sky broke open & the gods took away all our games. They destroyed the coliseums & now there is nothing that remains. They laughed & they smiled as they watched it all burn up in flames. The fires were put out but everyone was left scarred & maimed

The ghosts have won, the frogs are loose, the king of Apes has made a truce, the holes are dug, dragons beware, there’s no more gold inside your lair.

The jousting’s done, the birds have flown. The Kings are gone & left their thrones. The queen is dead, the jesters dull, the wizard slipped & cracked his skull.

It's up to us to wear their crowns. Bring the fight back to your towns. So play the games lest we forget, show the world we're still a threat.

Then the sky broke open & the gods gave us back all our games. They rebuilt the coliseums & shined & polished all the stains. They all laughed & they smiled as they watched it all grow again. The warriors are back with a new weapon that they call M.A.M.E.


from Bush Bash, released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved


World War 4 Ottawa, Ontario

We are one of a 1000 bands with same name But we are the only one from Hoser Central.... Ottawa Canada. We dig old school Metal, punk, Thrash & Crossover.


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